How to take Valium

A commonly used benzodiazepine class drug, Valium is a potential sedative-hypnotic medicine. Acting on the GABA acid secreted in brain to induce the feeling of anxiety and increasing stress level, it distresses the brain.

Legally prescribed and easily available at the chemist stores Valium is 100% safe provided when used with all precautions.

The sedative effects of Valium are beneficial in conditions arising due to acute stress. But its use is not limited to these conditions only.

Valium is actively used in other medical conditions like Alcohol withdrawal signs, seizure medications and in cure of insomania.This drug is sold by the licensed authorities only and is commonly available on all online drug shops.

Valium’s effect on Seizures

Seizures are the medical conditions resulting due to defect in the electric signals produced in the human body.

There are numerous reasons for this condition like electrolyte imbalance in blood especially salts, head injury or blocked nerves. Seizures affect the central nervous system and block the supply of oxygen in some nerves causing tremors.

Valium is a medication which is known to provide cure for this condition. It works on the central nervous system by acting on the hypothalamic, limbic and thalamic regions of the central nervous.

Slowing down their activity rate and working as a depressant, Valium neutralizes the effect of seizures. It can be recommended to any one; just the dosage of Valium is prescribed on the basis of age group.


The dosage of Valium is solely decided by the doctors themselves. It is a strict no to make changes in the prescribed dosage without consultation with your doctor.

However under any circumstances the dosage of Valium never exceeds 10 mg two to four times daily.

In cases of alcohol with drawl the prescribed dosage is initially 10 mg then reducing it to 5mg progressively.

For muscular spasms even minor consumption of 2mg on daily basis can work. In conclusive disorder conditions the prescribed amount is 2 mg to 10 mg two to four times a day.

Based on age group:

Children are given about 1 to 2.2 mg of Valium three to four times a day that too on strict recommendation by the doctor .For adults this dosage can start from 2 to 2.5 mg three to four times a day.